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Remanufacturing vs. Rebuilding

(Turbine shaft and wheel: The shaft on top has been pulled from a turbocharger to be prepared for remanufaturing. The shaft below is a reconditioned shaft ready for balancing. The carbon buildup, scarring, and coked oil will be removed during the reman process)

While the terms are often times loosely interchanged within the industry there is a significant difference between a rebuilt part and a remanufactured part. When we remanufacture a turbocharger every component is removed, cleaned, inspected, and measured to ensure everything goes back together with OEM matched or better specifications. Rebuilding often times simply refers to removing the rotating assembly and replacing the bare minimum seals, rings, and bearings to extend the life of the turbocharger. Many processes get skipped during that process. Bearing housings must be honed if scaring is present in the journals and shafts must be ground & polished if scaring is present to prevent premature failure of the turbocharger after the rebuild.

Modern turbochargers have many more accessory parts on/in them than their older counterparts. Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) use sensors, actuators, and nozzle vanes to control how the turbocharger responds. VGT turbochargers are necessary to keep engines both large and small within EPA standards for emissions. When a VGT turbocharger is not performing correctly the typical result is derated power and excess smoke from the exhaust. Carbon build up on the vane assemblies, oil coking on the vanes, and actuator failures are the most common cause of this. We clean, inspect, and replace every necessary component within the VGT system on these turbochargers to keep them performing for the long haul.

(Garrett VGT vane assembly: The assembly on the left has been properly cleaned, inspected, and prepared for reassembly. The assembly on the right is seized from carbon.)

We stand behind our products and the turbochargers carry a 12 month warranty.

If at any point you are unsatisfied with what you have received please call us immediately.

Should I balance my turbocharger

Component balancing being equal to assembly balancing has been a long standing fallacy within the turbocharger industry for many years. It is a common misconception that a compressor wheel and mating turbine wheel that have been component balanced will maintain balance while in a turbocharger. It is important that the entire rotating assembly be balanced together. This includes the thrust collar, thrust spacer, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, and nut all torqued to the correct final torque value. All of these components spin together inside of the turbocharger so it is important that they be balanced together as an assembly. It is common practice within the performance community to replace stock components with upgraded parts and this can be a recipe for disaster. Although billet wheels and larger turbines are typically balanced individually at the factory they will react differently when the other components in the rotating assembly are coupled with them.



Many customers take pride in doing things themselves. We offer rebuild kits and balancing services if you like to take a hands on approach to rebuilding your turbocharger. Call us for pricing on balancing and kits.

When an assembly is sent for balancing please include the following parts:

  • Turbine, wheel and shaft
  • Thrust collar
  • Thrust spacer
  • Compressor wheel
  • Shaft nut (if applicable)

Custom Work

(Custom S475: The S400 pictured recieved the full treatment. It was remanufactured along with a 6 blade billet compressor wheel and 360 degree thrust bearing during the overhaul. From mild to wild we offer an wide array of turbochargers.)

While custom work is not our primary focus we do offer custom turbocharger parts and services with open arms. We offer a large line of billet compressor wheels, upgraded thrust systems, and aftermarket hard parts to get your custom build on the road.

Call us with any questions pertaining to custom turbocharger parts and services.

General Rebuilds

Our primary focus is remanufacturing but sometimes our customers are on a tighter budget than they would like. We offer general turbocharger rebuilding along with our remanufacturing. The turbocharger is broken down into its components and cleaned. After cleaning the rotating assembly is heavily inspected for damage. The turbine wheel and shaft is polished or replaced as needed. New thrust components are put into the assembly and it is balanced. New bearings, seals, and rings are put in during the reassembly process. Call us for pricing.

Which turbochargers do we service?

We service every make and model of turbocharger including Mitsubishi, IHI, Garrett, Borg Warner, Schwitzer, and many more! We stock many high demand turbochargers including new Borg Warner turbochargers, C13, C15, 14.0L Detroit, ISX, and many more. Call us for a quote and availability.

Our Pricing

Pricing varies from one turbocharger to the next. We avoid passing unnecessary costs on to the customer by evaluating each customers needs. Please call us for a quote on any of your turbocharger needs.

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